Weaving my Energy

“I walk through life with clear, conscious intent to weave my energy, like a gossamer thread in a large beautiful tapestry, through the world I encounter.”

The above is part of a wonderful Pleiadian proclamation I discovered in Barbara Marciniak book, the Path of Empowerment.  It guides me daily.

I intentionally begin my day as if it were Christmas morning.  I may know what is scheduled that day and there are a whole lot of things I have no idea about, the unscheduled and unscripted part of the day.  Can you tell I probably like surprises?

Today is my day off.  It began with my favourite breakfast (fruit, granola, goat yogurt and maple syrup, soft boiled egg, toast and coffee).  And I watched it unfold with my dentist appointment.  What followed was not scripted at all. On the way home I stopped for a coffee at one of my favourite cafés, did some grocery shopping, and then a walk home which took me past beautiful High Park.

Along the way, I received an email from a friend whom I haven’t seen for some time who wanted to get together over the weekend.  My son then sent me a text suggesting we get together for our coffee and walk the following morning.  This was quickly followed by a text from another friend I haven’t seen for a while who suggested we get together to catch up.  My son later texted to see if we could get together to share dinner which turned out to be a very special time of connecting, listening over a meal and wine.

This has been one fabulous day!  How cool it is to feel “in the flow” of life; to trust in the process and know all is well.  The sense of inner peace, heart-connectedness, and the joy is close to intoxicating.  No worry, no fear, simply love, trust and accept.  Gratitude and grace for the amazing life I have – how marvelous!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring!


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