Our Relationships

For the past two or three months, I have become more aware of the many relationships I actually have in my life, how important they are and how important, my self-awareness is in living my life consciously.
They remind me of computer programs that are running unconsciously in the background. We know the impact of such programs on our hard drives. Our bodies are like hard drives. Just imagine the impact of our “programs” running unconsciously in the background of our lives, our relationships.

Relationships don’t just happen between people. We have relationships with ideas, situations, places, money, work, home, values (honesty, authenticity, ethics, personal responsibility, accountability and more), as well as food, clothing, nature and so on.

The more self-aware we become the more we can live our lives congruently and with integrity in all our relationships. When that happens we are aligned with our “true North”. We can be “seen” clearly no matter whether we speak the same language or not. This is when our relationship with “walking our talk” is at its clearest.

Now take a moment to reflect on the different relationships in your life. Jot them down. How congruent are they? Pick one and journal about it. Then come up with an intention you will set in order to make a small change that will make this relationship more congruent with who you want to be more of (your “true North”). Over the course of the following week, take time (10-15 minutes) each morning or evening to reflect on this intention. Follow this reflection by writing in your journal with any insights that arise. Notice what happens and how you feel.


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