Ask and It is Given

New learning for me… (with a nod to Esther and Jerry Hicks) – whatever I ask for is always given to me by Source Energy ( or whatever you choose to call the unifying force of Life that loves us and has our very best interests at heart).

The challenge is to allow what is given into my life as the perfect response to my request. Now that is a challenge!

As humans, we have our own view of what that answer should look like.  If it doesn’t look the way we envision it, we send it back!  Boy, have I spent most of my life doing that.

What if we asked (with some clarity) and followed it with “This or something better”. It will require us to let go of our expectation which is very often less than what Source Energy will send.  It will require us to stay out of the way of the process. It will require us to keep our vibration and frequency set at the level of the highest and best possible response.  And it may require us to take some risks; to make a change.

Recently, I asked for something – that my partner be given an opportunity to be the “head” gardener of my daughter’s backyard garden-in-progress. My partner is an amazing gardener and has been missing the garden she tended so lovingly.

I remembered to keep my thoughts to myself.

And then shortly, I heard her ask my partner to be that “head” gardener!  I was delighted to hear my partner respond with such delight that “she would love to”.  What an amazing feeling to be a witness to asking and giving. Thank you Source Energy!

This consciousness has me now more willing to cooperate with the Energy that makes this world go round. And it has been so much fun! I am willing to take more risks and to live outside the lines of my life. I have once again been reminded of the interconnectedness of everything, seen and unseen.  I am in that flow.


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