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Wake Up ~ Be the Change: Maturity

Recently, I came across a wonderful book, Osho’s, Maturity: The Responsibility of being Oneself.  It was like a megawatt bulb being switched on and it gave me a whole new insight into myself and the world I am a part of.  I had to take a look at my own level of maturity (or lack thereof).

We live in a world that thrives on blaming others and finding someone else to take responsibility for the things we say, think and do and the impact those things.  I had up to that point been living most of my life that way.

There seems to be little awareness of how our own unresolved pain and suffering spills over and infects the lives of others.  We feel we are justified in treating people with little or no respect, little or no love or compassion because that is how we are being treated.  (Two wrongs don’t make a right my mother would say) Often this comes from our own lack of self-respect, love and compassion; our own inability to love and accept ourselves or being comfortable with our own vulnerability.

Words and behaviour carry energy that reach far beyond the event itself and contribute to the universal “bank account” of violence and fear.

Waking up and being the change means we have to be more self-aware of our impact on ourselves, others and the world at large; to stop doing the same things over again expecting different results; expecting others to change first.

Waking up and being the change means we take responsibility for our actions, our thoughts, and then offering a sincere apology.

We are a society that has lost the art of sincere apology.  Simply saying “I am sorry” is not good enough.  Sorry for what?  What have you learned about yourself?  How can you make this right?  Will you do what is necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen again?  Can you ask for forgiveness?  All this is the substance of true and sincere apology.

Osho’s book has had a profound effect on me and how I choose to live my life going forward.  I intend on taking responsibility for my thoughts, speech and actions.  It has helped me recommit to the precept of “do no harm”; to be more self-aware and to think before I speak and act.  My actions, words and thoughts have great power to create heaven or to create hell.  Each and every moment, we have a choice.  I choose to be kind.  I hope you do, too.


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Weaving my Energy

“I walk through life with clear, conscious intent to weave my energy, like a gossamer thread in a large beautiful tapestry, through the world I encounter.”

The above is part of a wonderful Pleiadian proclamation I discovered in Barbara Marciniak book, the Path of Empowerment.  It guides me daily.

I intentionally begin my day as if it were Christmas morning.  I may know what is scheduled that day and there are a whole lot of things I have no idea about, the unscheduled and unscripted part of the day.  Can you tell I probably like surprises?

Today is my day off.  It began with my favourite breakfast (fruit, granola, goat yogurt and maple syrup, soft boiled egg, toast and coffee).  And I watched it unfold with my dentist appointment.  What followed was not scripted at all. On the way home I stopped for a coffee at one of my favourite cafés, did some grocery shopping, and then a walk home which took me past beautiful High Park.

Along the way, I received an email from a friend whom I haven’t seen for some time who wanted to get together over the weekend.  My son then sent me a text suggesting we get together for our coffee and walk the following morning.  This was quickly followed by a text from another friend I haven’t seen for a while who suggested we get together to catch up.  My son later texted to see if we could get together to share dinner which turned out to be a very special time of connecting, listening over a meal and wine.

This has been one fabulous day!  How cool it is to feel “in the flow” of life; to trust in the process and know all is well.  The sense of inner peace, heart-connectedness, and the joy is close to intoxicating.  No worry, no fear, simply love, trust and accept.  Gratitude and grace for the amazing life I have – how marvelous!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring!

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Over the past 2½ years, I have personally undergone a major shift in consciousness thanks to the breakup of my long term marriage, a move back to Toronto and restarting my spiritual counselling and teaching practice.

As hard as it turned out (like going through a knot backward!) it was the best thing that could have happened. 

I was forced to take a good look at me, what was and wasn’t working, and what I needed to change in my life. This experience forced me to dive deep into my own psyche; to see the dark shadows lurking there.  To own them, embrace them as part of my authentic self.  It felt like “losing everything” to gain everything.  Through my encounter with depression, I had to come face to face with the ‘truth’ of me and what was truly important; what was not. 

As a spiritual counsellor, I thought I “knew” a lot.  Turns out I really didn’t know as much as I thought.  It has been a humbling and most rewarding experience with some of the hardest lessons I have ever had to learn. It was also the darkest period of my life.   I truly thought I had nothing to offer as a human being, and a spiritual counsellor.

I realized I had a choice; to succumb to my depression and a life only half lived or to take charge of my life.  I chose to recommit to being happy, joyful, at peace, heart-centred, grateful, loving, compassionate, kind and continue to be in service to others.  I committed to being myself.

I know I am a “work in progress”; sometimes getting it and sometimes not. Yet, continuing to love myself and be gentle with myself as I emerge.  I am right where I am meant to be and I love, accept and forgive myself.  The same is true of others and I choose to love accept and forgive them.

I couldn’t have come through this experience without a lot of love, support and guidance from those around me, my children, my friends, my family, as well as those unseen spiritual sources.

I see my life as a wondrous gift each and every day.  I have a choice about what I do with it.  I have been given a “second chance” and I am determined not to squander it.  My simple intention is to do no harm to any living being through what I say, think and do and to stay centred in my heart. From there I speak, think and do.  I have no idea how long I will be here, none of us does no matter what age we are so time is of the essence.

In this year of enlightened transformation (2012), my hope is this blog will begin a conversation about authenticity, self-awareness, integrity and hope; about being the change our world needs desperately to be sustainable,to flourish and thrive. These are truly exciting and transformative times.

From time to time, I will share what is going on for me as I continue this life journey.  My hope is you will join me in the conversation by sharing your insights, experiences and what inspires you.


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